What’s in your drinking water that’s causing sexual perturbations… ?

Another very important reason to choose organic over produce from intensive farming is to avoid the very dangerous Atrazine, among other threatening chemical pesticides, being widely used to ‘treat’ the fruits and vegetables that you eat.  Pesticide residues seep into lakes and rivers, terribly affecting the eco-system, as well as our drinking water.  Tyrone Hayes, a biologist and professor at the University of California has been warning people of these toxins that disrupt the endocrine system and are thus responsible for the catastrophy happening with frogs, where “many of the genetic males now are turning into females”.  Furthermore, Professor Hayes found that “the level of Atrazine that it took to make this male turn into a female is three times less than what’s allowed in drinking water” (the professor was referring to a male frog that started producing eggs and was mating with another male frog).  For humans, Atrazine is correlated to increased risk of low sperm count, low fertility, neuro-cognitive developmental problems in infants, breast cancer, prostate cancer and genital deformations.

atrazine-frogsimage source:  pbs.org

“Atrazine causes sexual abnormalities in frogs and could cause the same problems for humans” -Professor Hayes

Atrazine has been banned in Europe since 2003, but it is today, the second most widely used pesticide in North America.  Professor Hayes was once hired by Syngenta to study the effects of their product (Atrazine).  He was strategically asked to approve it, but after learning its grave effects, he instead found himself fighting against this multinational key player in the agro-chemical industry.

atrazine-drinking waterimage source:  globalnews.ca

It is imperative to stop Atrazine from causing more damage than it has already caused, but the multinational Syngenta keep lobbying their way into being approved by our governments!  However, if we, the consumers, start buying more and more organic produce, the demand for intensively cultivated products would dwindle, along with the production of chemical pesticides, such as Atrazine that are ruining our health and our environment.  The goal is to give them no choice but to stop production, all the while choosing healthier fruits and vegetables for our families.

There are also petitions you can sign to demand our governments to ban the use of this poison.  Click on the image links before to make your signature count.

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The Multinationals that Put our Children at Risk

The following article is translated from its original publication in French, found here

Cash Investigation.  Chemical Products:  Our Children in Danger

Syngenta , Monsanto, Bayer and Dow– Perhaps, you didn’t know about them, but these are the multinationals in the agrochemical industry who manufacture pesticides used in agriculture. Their products are found in food, in tap water and even in the air we breathe.  Some are carcinogenic and neurotoxic, while others are endocrine disruptors, particularly dangerous for children.  “Cash Investigation” had access to a confidential database on pesticide sales in France, product by product, department by department, between 2008 and 2013. On average, there are nearly 65 000 tonnes of pure pesticides that are applied on our territory every year. Today, the Hexagon is the largest consumer of pesticides in Europe.

Dangerous molecules

Since 1980, childhood cancer has been increasing by 1% per year in France, with approximately 2,500 additional cases each year. This is the second cause of death in children.  Is there a link between these diseases and exposure to pesticides?  For scientists around the world, there is hardly any doubt.

Folpet produced by Bayer, atrazine by Syngenta or chlorpyrifos-ethyl from Dow Chemical; Behind these names unknown to the general public, are hidden molecules with proven health risks; Molecules that bring in billions of euros to multinationals.  After a year of investigation in France, Germany, Switzerland and the United States, “Cash investigation” reveals how certain products put our children in danger.

Democracy polluted by pesticides

The last part of the investigation led the team of “Cash Investigation” to Hawaii. The climate of this heavenly archipelago allows four harvests per year. This is why multinationals test their products here.  In what is probably the greatest open lab for GMO experimentation in the world, they make heavy use of pesticides. Here, there is ten times more birth defects than average in the United States. The mobilization of citizens pushed the local government to pass a law to limit the damages. Manufacturers immediately responded by attacking this law in court, and they won.  In Hawaii, in the great game of democracy, it is chemistry that prevails.