We are a non-profit organization that mobilizes citizens to exercise their voting power as consumers, in order to replace the abusive methods of neoliberalism and make way for constructive capitalism, a system that benefits the majority.

logo-seule CV power transparent2Present Condition

The citizens’ voices are neither represented nor considered enough in the policies that govern our socio-economic system.  Legislations are passed often without our consent, to sustain the financial power of the minority who own multinationals.  The multinationals run a neoliberal system with abusive methods that endanger our health and environment; impoverish our social conditions; and is killing the real economy.  As a result, our environment becomes more and more polluted, our working conditions, more and more unbearable, and the economy, tighter and tighter, all to keep enriching the financial economy, that is reserved only for a few.

The citizens are now only beginning to realize their power as consumers.  We are here to facilitate the movement where consumers vote.

logo-seule CV power transparent2What are we voting for?

We are voting for a constructive form of capitalism, in order to reconstruct the real economy, and replace the malignant neoliberal, financial economy.  We vote to reclaim democracy and combat lobbycracy where the dominating voice is that of the multinationals, lobbying for legislations to pass in favour of their corporate policies, regardless of the majority’s opposition and the impacts they may have on our health, environment, social conditions and economy.

We, the consumers, are raising our voices by actively making conscious investments in, or, purchasing from responsible companies that positively respond to the demand of its consumers, for each 3 sections to be respected: health/environment, working conditions, economy.

This movement leads to constructive capitalism, where the real economy flourishes to benefit the planet and the majority of its population.

 logo-seule CV power transparent2Solution – 25% of Consumers

A consumer’s vote is the only type of vote that can make a real difference in today’s society.  We wish for at least 25% of consumers to take part of this movement, for that is all that is needed to make a revolution.

To attain an economic revolution, at least 25% of consumers must, as much as they possibly can, buy their products or get their services from companies that take part in the virtuous cycle of Constructive Capitalism, where 3 sections are respected:

logo-seule CV power check transparent2Health & Environment:

Consumers have the right to know about the products they consume, how they were fabricated, with which materials or ingredients, and all methods used in the commerce and trade of such products.  We have the power to choose companies that use respectful methods which have the least environmental impact; do not pollute the environment and aren’t harmful to humans.

logo-seule CV power check transparent2Working Conditions: 

Consumers have the right to know under which conditions their products or services are made or conducted in.  We have the power to choose companies that have careful consideration for their employees by ensuring fair working conditions, decent salaries and work benefits.

logo-seule CV power check transparent2Economy:

Consumers have the right to know about what type of company their products or services come from.  We have the power to choose companies that are small to medium sized enterprises (SME’s), who allow the money to circulate in the real economy as they are not in the stock market.

If 25% of consumers started exercising their power to choose companies that respect the 3 sections explained above, we will start seeing our economy transition from the vicious neoliberalism to the virtuous constructive capitalism, where the majority wins.

logo-seule CV power transparent2How we mobilize

logo-seule CV power check transparent2Information Sharing 

To facilitate people in making informed decisions about their purchases, we share information on 3 major categories (as explained above), areas that are inevitably affected by company policies.

logo-seule CV power transparent 45x50Consumers Vote Application

We are currently developing an app that can scan a product to bring up information about how the company impacts 3 sectors- Health/Environment, Social/Salarial Conditions, Economy.  The goal is to easily inform consumers whether the impacts (of products or services) are positive or negative by a notation for each section, evaluated on certain actions and methods that are applied by the company.




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